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The true story of Container City

Joël Henry

Published Friday 6 November 2020

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An ecological, inventive and funny novel!

Raoul Schnug owns a beautiful 12-hectare plot of land, which the Oberschwihr town council wants to buy to set up a fashion mall.

Raoul cannot let this abomination take place. He decides to buy about twenty decommissioned containers from the port, and has them delivered to his land. This will be Container City: an experience of an eco-community, an "autonomous, self-managed and self-proclaimed commune".

Author: Joël Henry He lives and works at Strasbourg. He was successively a photographer, street educator, bookseller, journalist, copywriter for ARTE and director of short programs for France Télévision.

Genre: Literary fiction

Number of pages: 200

Keywords: Community – Ecology – Outsider -Autonomy

Audience: Adults

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